The collaboration with our partners enables us to provide a market-oriented product placement in our visualizations.


Mosaic Curtain Layers„by way of detaching the mosaic from the underground new creative potential arises. the translucence creates an unprecedented airiness, producing non-typical forms. translucent mosaic displays may change heavy rooms in their appearance without having to affect the basic structure of the building itself.“

mosaic artist and designer in the skilled crafts, living and working in munich



„light activates the magic of each material, transforming space and architecture in a place, which makes us feel the presence.“

Baur Lichtlanung GmbH was founded 2012 by Peter Baur


4545TextureFollowsForm award-winning algorithmic research focuses on the ornamental aspect of architecture, especially using 3D sculpting and recursive subdivision techniques. Vasilis has been teaching workshops on the subject (UCL-London, AUTH-Thessaloniki, FormDEcode-Athens), took part in several published research projects since and exhibited his ongoing work in Thessaloniki, Rome, London and Graz (HDA – Kunsthaus).